Hi! How the hell are you?

That is so great to hear! I am also doing well. Now that we’ve gotten the greetings out of the way, we can pretend like the last 16 months of silence are forgiven. Isn’t that how this works?

Ok here’s what you must understand about me: I change my mind more often than I change underwear (I am a dirty hippie, after all). But I’ve decided that I love writing and keeping in touch with you all and talking about all of the wonderful and amazing vegan food that I can, so here I am! Am I forgiven for my absence?

But I need for you guys to share in my excitement for a moment: I’m about to embark on a trip that has been YEARS in the making. I’m talking an Eat-Pray-Love meets vegan foodie who only wears leggings kind of trip. I’m talking three weeks in Europe and pretending I drink coffee and speaking broken and horrific Italian and sticking out like a sore gringo. I’m talking being jet lagged and smelly while shoving food in my mouth at a high rate of speed. I’m talking I may never come back. I’m leaving on Friday for a three week vacation in Spain and Italy!

I’ve never been to Europe, so let’s start there. I’ve never seen anything built in the BC timeframe. Fountains you can drink out of? Are you drunk and high? Not in Atlanta. But in Rome, get those water bottles ready, homies. Did you know that Spain lives the kind of life where the entire country shuts down for 3-4 hours to nap every day? That’s a country I can get behind. Those are the values I also hold dear.

So I’m planning on eating my way through Barcelona, Rome, Madrid, Malaga, and Mallorca. Is it weird that I have approximately 30 restaurants in Barcelona to visit but no museums? Don’t answer that. I don’t think that’s weird either. This is why we’re friends.

So! Don’t stray too far. I’ll be making some changes to my blog (new pictures, etc.) and staying active more often. If you’re on Instagram, follow me for all of my adventures: @the_veg_abides. I’ll be back soon with reviews and tons of information about my travels!