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Raw Revolution Organic Bars: Get Ready to Crave.

So here’s the deal. I have been super lucky (in many a way) lately. I just had a week off to do whatever I wanted before starting my preplanning week at school. I just paid off my credit cards (HOLY SHIITAKE MUSHROOMS. What am I, a responsible adult? Who should I talk to about this?). And I have been able to snag free samples of goodies to review for you, dear reader. I have eaten, spit out, regretted, and dreamed of many a food so that I can tell you all about it; the good and the bad. And I just had to pause my busy “Devil’s Advocate” watching/dried cranberry eating/putting clothes away kind of rocking Thursday night to tell you all about these bars cause I am seriously jonesing for one right now. If they were sold on the street corner, I would steal change from my parents’ wallets to go get one.

I speak only of the Raw Revolution Organic Bars. These all vegan (praise the universe!) bars are high protein, high fiber, and low sugar. I was lucky enough to be given the Creamy Peanut Butter & Sea Salt, the Mixed Nuts, Caramel & Sea Salt, and the Peanut Butter, Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt bars. The texture of the bars was not what I was expecting…sort of thick like a nougat. You can bite into the actual ingredients, though, which was delightful.

I always get super excited about eating chocolate, because I thought that when I went vegan that chocolate would simply leave my life without saying goodbye and then we would see each other in the grocery store and give those awkward waves and nobody is happy about that and then chocolate would ask me out for coffee and I’d be all strong and self confident and say “Sorry, I’m dating someone” even though I’m not but it doesn’t matter because I’m a better person now. But for reals, I love the chocolate even though I’m not supposed to. So the Dark Chocolate bar was DELICIOUS and rich and filling and wonderful. Did you guys know there’s a Dark Chocolate Brownie one? UGH. I know what to ask for on my next birthday.

I have been craving these bars since I last ate them, which feels like years ago and my chocolate tank is super low. I want to try the Coconut Delight and the Cherry Chocolate Chunk and the Spirulina Dream.  These bars are delicious and wonderful and you all will love them, too. Have these bars hit your lips yet?

Not so fine print: I was given these bars to try for free but all metaphors and figurative language and love for chocolate are mine. 


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