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PlantBasedATL Meetup: Desta

The following words can properly describe our experience at Desta for the PlantBasedATL Meetup:

Delicious. Amazing. Fresh. Quick. Wonderful. Full. Fun. Tremendous. Flavor. Awe. Sunshine. Smiling. Community. Inspiring.

Basically, you should have been there. The service was on point, the weather was glorious, the staff was welcoming, and the food….oh, the food. My mouth just started watering thinking about the food. Do me a favor, will you? Because we’re friends? When you drive to Desta today on your way home from work, sit on the patio and order the Vegetarian Platter. You too will soon eat like a queen:


Not to worry, they will keep the injera coming:


I legitimately just wiped drool away from my mouth. Don’t forget about the sambusa:


These are Ethiopian spring rolls filled with lentils and spices and fairy dust and hopes and dreams. Dip them into that special spicy red sauce if you dare.

We had such a great time that no one wanted to leave. I had the bright idea to stay long enough to get hungry again just so that I could order the platter a second time, but it was not to be (also I’m pretty sure Desta does not recommend this).


Book Club represent!
Book Club represent!
New friends!
New friends!





Did you see all the platters ordered? Do you see all of the smiling faces? Desta, eating with my hands has never felt so right. We will be back!



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