PlantPure Nation & Meeting My Hero.

It was supposed to be a normal night of seeing a new and exciting documentary. It was supposed to be just another get together with my pals Daniel and Adriano. And it certainly was only supposed to be a night where I let lose and had a beer because it was Daniel’s birthday. But then I saw him, this small in stature man who has changed so many lives, including my own. His shock of white hair sent me into a tizzy, as I leaned into Daniel and whispered, “THERE HE IS!” My heart pounded, my hands started to sweat, and like a teenage girl reacts in the presence of One Direction, I was in a full panic. How do you tell your hero that they’re your hero? How do you even relay what they mean to you?

But let me back up. Why is an octogenarian my hero? T. Colin Campbell wrote “The China Study” in 2005. I read it last year in a fury of disbelief. Why hadn’t I heard before about this study and its effect before? I feel like I’m an educated and intelligent person, yet somehow these facts where new to me. Based on this, the largest and most comprehensive nutrition study EVER done, animal protein can turn cancer genes on while plants can reverse diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and cholesterol, etc. This isn’t something that someone dreamed up; this is scientific fact. The more you eat of animal protein/dairy, the higher your chance that you will develop a disease. The connection between nutrition and overall health is so tightly and intrinsically bound, yet instead of doctors giving us prescriptions for farmers markets, we get prescriptions for medicine. Sigh. I could go on and on and on, but I’ll let you, dear reader, have your own opinions about “The China Study”. Incidentally you can buy a used one on Amazon for a few dollars.

This book, amongst two other books, inspired me to become vegan. This book changed my life. I wanted to travel to Texas to see Campbell at the Health Fest this Spring, but it was not to be. I was giddy when I learned that he would be at the screening of PlantPure Nation last night. GIDDY. Sweating profusely. Even as I walked past him as I went to the restroom mid-movie I could barely breathe. I had to meet him.


The movie itself was amazing. I am so excited about this grass roots movement that is happening right now. The writer/director (Campbell’s son, Nelson), Nelson’s wife, the producer John Corry (also the producer for “Forks Over Knives”), and Colin all participated in an amazing Question and Answer segment after the film aired. They were so open, so welcoming; they made me feel empowered to be a part of this movement. I met several local people in the Atlanta plant based scene last night and am very excited for the future.

Then it was time to meet and take pictures with everyone. I began to freak out, of course, but kept it all inside like a mature person does. An exact replica of my conversation with T. Colin Campbell is as follows:

“Hi, I’m Sarah…I know you’re really busy so this won’t take long. You’re my hero. Your book made me go vegan a year ago and changed my life.”

I look calm, but inside I'm dying.
I look calm, but inside I’m dying.

Sigh. I’ve realized that life is one crazy roller coaster full of extremely high highs and super low lows, and amazing times in between. Last night was a high. I met my hero.



I saw these signs as I walked into the movie theater (excuse the glare); they read: “today is your lucky day” and “you are beauty full”. The universe gives you all kinds of signs if you look for them.


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