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PlantBasedATL’s Second Book Club Meeting: Skyping with Food

We were oh so lucky on Saturday to be greeted with sunshine, wonderful smiling faces, and a TON of delicious food. Who are we to complain? We dug in and prepared for our second Book Club meeting! We read Matt Miner’s graphic novel “Liberator” for this round, and I for one am so glad we did. I’ve only read one other graphic novel in my life (“Maus“) and while I do consider myself slightly nerdy, I’ve never delved into comics or graphic novels (save for Archie and that fool, Jughead). So this choice was particularly exciting for this nerd.

I cannot recommend Liberator enough, or Matt Miner for that matter. Liberator centers around animals activists that try to liberate animals from a furrier. I cannot wait to get my hands on his “Toe Tag Riot” comics because this is the description: “TOE TAG RIOT is: A tongue-in-cheek horror/comedy series about a punk rock band cursed to become zombies whenever they play their music. Being that this is a band of ethical punk rockers, they use their “zombie superpowers” to take on racists, homophobes, sexists and, eventually, the Westboro Baptist Church”. HOLY YES, right? Not only do I love zombies (I’m on Season 4/Episode 8 of the Walking Dead and am contemplating buying the complete graphic novel set like a loser) but don’t you just love that these zombie’s are taking on the bad people of the world? That’s the kind of zombie I would want to be.

Skyping with Matt Miner!
Skyping with Matt Miner!




We were extremely lucky to have Matt Miner along for our Book Club meeting via Skype and he lovingly answered our questions and was an amazing host. We learned about his dog rescue program that he runs in New York and all about what makes him a generally awesome person. After the Skype chat, we all talked about Liberator Β some more and then began to feast:






My plate (yes, I went back for seconds)
My plate (yes, I went back for seconds)

Sigh. Doesn’t it just warm your heart to see all of this food made my hand for this wonderful Book Club? The mac-n-cheese was DELICIOUS as was Chef Billy’s homemade potato salad (we live and die by the age old adage of #allthecarbs). I wanted to live on that table forever and ever and keep eating it all, especially the homemade apple crumble.

We’ve decided that the next book we read will be Sherry F. Colb’s “Mind if I Order the Cheeseburger?: And Other Questions People Ask Vegans” and I am SO excited about this one. Anyone is welcome to join us for the next PlantBasedATL Book Club meeting or any of our meetups! We welcome all who are open minded and also hate being hungry for any length of time.


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