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Gatlinburg, New Products, and A Wicked Case of the Binge.

I can be honest here, right? I can say things and you guys won’t judge, because this is a judge-free zone. You would never judge me for, say…being in such a severe binge watching marathon of the Walking Dead that sometimes I’m thinking of that show when I’m listening to people talk? Or that when I was in Gatlinburg this past weekend and passed cabins I would wonder if they would be a safe haven in the case of a zombie apocalypse? Right. JUDGE FREE ZONE. So you again will not judge me for having watched 13 episodes between Friday and Monday or for texting a friend “Dude. Does the Governor come back in season 4? He simply disappeared in the final episode of season 3 (unhappy face emoji).” I can’t help it. It’s an excellent show with a great cast and a fascinating plot line. I also blame the fact that I didn’t have cable for years on my recent binge.

Moving on. Gatlinburg is beautiful and nestled quaintly in the Smokey Mountains. I actually said out loud “I’ll bet these mountains would look beautiful in the Fall”, to which my parents both said “Mmmmmm, yes” and I realized I was 84 years old and needed to grab a rocking chair and head for a porch. We saw a male turkey (a tom) doing his mating dance for two lucky hens who emphatically ignored him. Nature, amiright?


On Saturday we made a fiercly delicious breakfast and I found these cinnamon rolls (Immaculate Cinnamon Rolls) at Kroger that are vegan. They were amazing! The whole fam enjoyed them. I also tried a new bacon by Sweet Earth (if you see their burritos in the freezer section of Target, buy them! They’re delicious) and I really was not a fan. I think I’m coming to grips with the fact that I really do not like seitan all that much.




After lunch on Saturday I took an amazing nap because that’s what I do best. I woke up to everyone hangry and ready to eat. So we headed into Gatlinburg’s center to eat some widely mediocre Mexican food and enjoy horrible service. I had the veggie fajitas with no sour cream and no cheese. Bonus: they had eggplant and portobello mushrooms in the fajitas! (though I absolutely hate mushrooms and threw them aside, I thought it was nice that they were an option)



Saturday night we pulled out the Jello jigglers that my sister-in-law made for the nephews and we couldn’t help but notice that the seemingly innocent space shapes had taken on a life of their own:

IMG_1720Don’t see it? Lemme help you.


Hmmmmm. Interesting, isn’t it? I’m pretty sure it’s a space ship, but they couldn’t do better than this? What are we teaching the youth of America??

On Sunday we headed home after a relaxing weekend in the mountains. We stopped at Jaemor Farms and I proceeded to lose my mind. You know those kinds of “off the interstate” places that offer all different flavorsย of candies? Jaemor has it:


They also have a giant section of fresh produce so I helped myself to apples, kale, cucumbers, spinach, sweet potatoes, and fresh sourdough bread.


I couldn’t help but to buy some boiled peanuts there and then enjoyed the most Southern of dinners I may have ever had:




I’m drooling just looking at it. Farm fresh tomatoes, sourdough bread with butter, corn, fried okra, and boiled peanuts. HOLY YUM. Heavenly.

Two other new products I have tried recently include the Salted Caramel Gelato by Dream and the Macaroons by Hail Merry.



I’ve loved Hail Merry since last year’s Gluten Free & Allergen Friendly Expo mostly because of their amazing products, but also because the people were sooooo nice. Note that the macaroon bag was empty because I ate them all. The Dream gelato was delicious albeit slightly too sweet for me. I do love caramel but not as much as my mom, who I’m pretty sure would like an I.V. drip of caramel flowing into her bodyย at all times. That’s normal, right?


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