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Nashville, Here We Come!

Nashville, Holly and I are about to be all up in ya this Saturday! Below I have begun a log for your viewing enjoyment on our future trip:

Why Nashville? Great question, me! Holly and I were supposed to go to Nashville a while back but the trip didn’t happen. This is a re-do and a re-launch and a re-ally-gotta-get-out-of-this-city-for-a-minute trip!

What are you guys going to do there? This should come as no shock to any of you at this point, but we’re going to eat! Yay! Here are some places that I have been DROOLING over: The Wild Cow,  Sunflower Cafe, Khan’s Desserts, Italia Pizza, and Barista Parlor. Basically, if there’s a time when we don’t have food in our hands and mouths at any point this weekend, then we are not doing our jobs correctly and should be ashamed. We’re also going to be doing some work on PlantBasedATL, this blog, social media, photography, etc. Our biggest goal is to go to bed at around 9 pm after eating nachos. #old

How long will you guys be there? Overnight Saturday – Sunday. Though it’s a quick trip, I have no doubt that it will recharge our batteries. Did I mention the food? Ok, good.

Wait, didn’t PlantBasedATL have a meet-up last night? Why haven’t we heard about that? Well aren’t you a nosy one! Yes, PlantBasedATL hosted and AMAZING meet-up last night and I can hardly wait to tell you all about it! A future post will detail how ridiculously delicious the food was, how awesome the conversation was, and how much I want to move in to the restaurant and live in their kitchen.

Any places in Nash-Vegas that I must try?




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