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PlantBasedATL Meet-Up: Go Vegetarian

This past Sunday, we hosted our first event of 2015 at Go Vegetarian, a new vegetarian/vegan joint in Atlanta. I’ve been to Go Veg once before with my pal Beevy and the service was very very slow (growing pains?) and the food was ok. You can read about my first visit here. We decided to go back there and host our meet up because we love supporting local vegan joints, and it’s become clear that they need it (Drink Art recently closed before I could try it! A travesty.) We were lucky to have Go Veg all to ourselves on Sunday because they kindly opened their doors an hour early for us. And then they danced for us. But we’ll get to that.

We had about 45 people show up to eat their hearts out, have great conversation, and enjoy a sunny Sunday in Atlanta with like minded and likewise awesome vegans. I spent the first 20 minutes meeting people, passing out “Hello My Name Is” name tags, and seriously debating what to eat. I mean, I was seriously having a moral dilemma. I knew I wanted to try something different than what I had the last time, but do I get the kale salad with chicken on top? Do I get the tacos? Do I just throw a dart and pray that it’s delicious?

PlantBasedATL was here.
PlantBasedATL was here.

Lucky for me, the food gods were smiling on me and guided my mind and heart to the Veggie Chicken Sandwich with buffalo sauce and truffle fries. I also got a slice of the caramel cake to go (although several bites were eaten before I left the restaurant). Us vegans get REALLY excited about vegan caramel because caramel is naturally not vegan. When we see vegan caramel, we salivate like wolves eyeing a meal. I kid you not, 5 other people (at a minimum) also got the caramel cake and also could not help but eat some before leaving. More on the cake later.

The chicken sandwich was DELICIOUS. A little secret about me is that I love some buffalo sauce, so I get very excited about the thought of it dripping down my chin as I struggle to lick it off. The sandwich was made out of tofu that had been battered and fried and smothered in sauce, then placed on a bun with lettuce and tomato. The truffle fries are all hand cut, fried, then topped with vegan Parmesan. Behold the beast that was my meal on Sunday, and what I am currently craving approximately 2.5 of at this moment:


I ate EVERY bite, it was that good. I know I should try other items on the menu the next time I go in there, but I can’t help it. This sandwich had everything: fried, buffalo, crispy, gooey, dripping, hearty. And don’t get me started on the fries. Those little guys are hand-cut gems that melt in your mouth. So much awesome.

In fact, everyone that ate at Go Veg really really enjoyed their food. Food was flying out of the kitchen at an amazingly fast rate and no order were ever sent back. The only issue was that they were out of the milkshakes, but that was made better by the caramel cake.


Not only was the food quick, delicious and completely on point, but once the tickets were cleared, the staff of Go Veg came out and danced to the opening of “Apache (Jump On It)” for us. No, I’m not kidding. It was quite an amazing sight to behold. Lucky us, we got lunch and a show!

Go vegans!
Go vegans!








Holly and I.
Holly and I.

It was a wonderful time had by all. We made new friends, we ate delicious vegan food and supported a local restaurant, and we made plans to see each other soon. What happened to the caramel cake, you may ask? What force on this earth could have possibly separated my beloved caramel cake from my clenched hands?

My mom. Caught.
My mom. Caught.

I mean, look at that face. You wouldn’t stay mad at her either.



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