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Y’all. THIS.

Holy shitballs, people. I have successfully made and eaten what will now become my most favorite dessert ever. Chocolate Covered Katie is AMAZING and I cannot recommend her enough. So after dinner on Sunday night (where I whipped up my own dish of fried tofu mixed with steamed kale/steamed bok choy/shoyu/peanut suace on top of soba noodles. BOOM.) I was craving something a little sweet. Especially after my mom made her famous chocolate cake, served with vanilla ice cream, and some f-ing brownie/cookie bars on the side (all not vegan). I decided to give Katie’s One Minute Mocha Mug Cake a try. Could a cake really come together in one minute? I decided that I would happily be the judge of that.

Getting the ingredients together and mixing everything took a total of maybe 5 minutes. I then poured the concoction into a glass dish and microwaved it for one minute. Out came the most amazing, soft, warm, chocolately cake that has ever existed. Side note: I didn’t have instant coffee granules, so I basically made a chocolate cake. But I’m not one to complain, so I ate it ALL. No sharing.

Cake with Chocolate Covered Katie's recipe.
Cake with Chocolate Covered Katie’s recipe.

I am utterly amazed. How could this be? How could something SO SIMPLE and SO QUICK taste like this? I realized, as soon as I ate the whole thing, that this could be dangerous. I had to stop myself from making one last night. It’s just so quick and simple…can’t I eat one every day? Yes, I can. But with the half marathon training gearing up, I have to pump the breaks on some things. I see this as a single serving treat and not a daily event.


Long story short, try this. Trust in me and in Katie. Make this cake tonight and regret nothing as all of your cares drift away and are replaced by chocolate heaven.



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