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Seasonal Jobs and Resolutions

It’s been a very very very very long time since I’ve lost written anything worthwhile. You and I can blame K, my seasonal job, for that. That job zapped all energy, any discernible Christmas cheer, hope for sleep, or feeling in my toes. The pros of a seasonal job: 1) people get it. They get that you’re working when you’d rather not be, and they appreciate your pasted on smile and fake laugh. They feel your pain. I did not have ANY mean customers; 2) extra money. I paid for my Christmas presents with my employee discount and coupons and “won” when my nephews chose my gifts as their favorites. Not that it’s a competition, but I WON; 3) what else was I doing? Not jogging? Mainlining popcorn and (vegan) chocolate? Being bitter? I can do that when I’m dead (right after I sleep).

Now that the season is over, the seasonal job is morphing into a part-time job, with may be 1-3 shifts a week. Any money I make from it will be directly funneled into the “get SarT out of debt” fund. Which brings be to Resolutions. I used to never make them, for fear of letting myself down and feeling bad about it. In 2014 I realized something amazing and superbly simple yet powerful: there is always hope and anything is possible. You want to learn to walk only on your hands? That is completely wack-a-doo but I applaud your originality. You want to eat better, do better, be better? Get on that shit. The world waits for no (wo)man.

When I sat down to think about my Resolutions for this year, I looked back at the ones I made on January 2, 2014 @ 9:14 pm:

be active

be healthy

jog my first 5k

jog the Peachtree

-have a plant based whole foods diet

-continue yoga

-walk/jog every other day


pay on credit cards

be a good person

donate to Ruffus Rescue

donate to Farm Sanctuary

Seemingly, I rocked the shit out of last year’s Resolutions! I’m still working on getting my diet right, I didn’t make it to Spain, I did not jog/walk every other day, and I stopped going to yoga in the winter when life got super cray. But I tried my hardest and 2014 was an amazing year filled with great times, new friends, TONS of food, and new hair styles. Seriously, though…I went from auburn to blonde. #YOLO, homies!

This year is special. If last year was when I still had training wheels on, then this year is when I learn to ride on my own. So far, these are the Resolutions for me:

-be active

-be healthy

-jog my first half marathon in June

-jog my second half marathon in December

-donate to Full Circle Farm Sanctuary

-sponsor an animal from Full Circle Farm Sanctuary

-pay off credit cards

-quit my job

-begin teaching

-have a plant based whole foods diet

-run one race each month

-remain grateful, centered, and regain my power.

You may note that this year will bring with it some heavy balls and major changes. Quitting my job? Starting a new career? Paying OFF credit cards? Ahhhhh yes friends…it’s time to cut the bullshit and harness this beast known as potential. Why wait for the world to just toss great things in your lap? I’m bringing good things to me every day. I’m shaking off the cobwebs and the Christmas crank, the extra lb’s and the crappy food wants, and I’m doing a proverbial round house kick to my life’s face. There is no time like the present. Anything is possible. There is always hope.

Anyone else make some awesome Resolutions?


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