I Have Nothing to Offer the World Today.

Except for what I have found on the interwebs. You see, I have been mouth-breathing, sneezing, and snotty for 4 days now. I am a stubborn a-hole when it comes to getting sick, saying things like “Mind over matter!” and “I have a strong immune system!” This time, however, I think I have to bow down and recognize this cold’s power over me. It started with a severe sore throat on Sunday followed by one hell of a fever (side note: who gets a fever anymore? What am I, 8 years old?). It’s more so just annoying as hell at this point, but yet it lingers, much like that friend who can’t take the hint to leave your house when the party is over.

And so, today I have relished in the most amazing finds the interwebs have to offer this cloudy-headed person. First, I present to you my new pal Ninita, a pygmy marmoset. Next, a panda frolics in the snow. Please see these animals that show their love for one another in fascinating ways. Animals chewing in cute ways actually made me giggle, especially that crazy llama at the end. But at the heart and soul of it all, aren’t you glad that you were not attacked by ants that came out of a flower?


(mic dropped.)


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