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The Weekend in Food.

I had a HUGE post planned for today, the day before Vegan MoFo ends. Life happens, and that post will be saved for another time. That post is to be a very big undertaking, and I wasn’t really in the mood to deal with it. Instead, I ate the weekend away in a series of delicious meals and foods that I am currently craving as I sip my kombucha. Side note: is anyone else addicted to kombucha like I am? I am seriously contemplating getting my own scoby and making my own delicious kombucha, because I LOVE it like whoa. Will I officially slip off the edge and never come back if I make my own? Will I still have friends when I talk about sharing my mother scoby? Sigh.

Here’s the deal: I ate all weekend long. I didn’t eat anything terrible for me, like french fries (success!) or pizza (is pizza terrible for you?). Instead, I visited the Asian countries that I know and love in order to fulfill my savory tooth. If I could, I would eat Asian food all the time. Throw in a taco every once in a while (which I did this weekend), and I’m a happy girl.

On Friday, my friend and I headed to Samurai Blue, this Japanese joint near our work. I always get the same thing because it never disappoints: the lunch combo of grilled tofu, tempura veggies, and grilled veggies. HOLY YUM, homies.

photo 1

After work, I treated myself to some lovely yoga and then hopped over to Saigon Flavors. This place is the jam, and a lovely welcome to my weekend. I always get the tofu bun here (and at most Vietnamese places) because bun (pronounced “boon”)  is the shiz crackle pop to my life. I did all but lick my bowl clean. I was also asleep by 10:30 on this Friday, so all in all it was a glorious way to get the hell away from such a crap week.


Saturday morning was filled with fall crispy weather and I was sporting my new skull sweatshirt and purple leggings and was feeling about as good as one could feel. Michael Jackson was also playing in my car, so I have a pretty good feeling that the two are related. You know when dogs and cats go coo coo after making a deposit? That is how I feel in cool weather. My tail wags. I also woke up like this:

The LunaBearLove
The LunaBearLove

You mean your animals don’t lay on top of you at all times? Odd. It’s a rare morning when I don’t wake up to discover that my cat has crawled on top of me during the night and her paws are on my face. This is love, people.

photo 3

So Miss J$ and I had planned on seeing “This is Where I Leave You” because it looked amazing and we both love Jonathan Tropper, the author. Turns out that seeing the movie was a little more difficult, mainly due to the fact that they had to evacuate the building because of a gas leak. Good times! Miss J$ and I hit the road to another theater and caught the movie. Of course, I had to eat some popcorn at 11:00 am. The movie was amazing and very true to the book, and we both cried at various parts.

Very true.
Very true.

photo 5

photo 1 (2)


After the movie, we headed to Doc Chey’s in Emory Village which has now turned into a concept called Dragon Bowl.  We shared the veggie dumplings and the edamame, and we each got a ShockTop pumpkin beer, which barely has any pumpkin flavor whatsoever. For my meal, I went this route: Japanese base + vermicelli + roasted broccoli + roasted cauliflower + tofu. Mine ended up being pretty good, but if I’m being honest, I do miss the old Doc Chey’s flavors. Good thing there’s the Virginia Highlands store that still rocks it old school. Even this could not ruin the day, as the cool weather and sun shining brought my happiness out.

All hail the PUMKING.
All hail the PUMKING.

I next went to Lee’s Bakery after many suggestions and was oh so glad I did. I ordered the vegan pho and the banh mi sandwich to go, but something nagged at my insides. I desperately wanted to sit on a patio and drink beer, almost like my life depended on it. Miss J$ and I headed to Mellow Mushroom which had Pumking beer on tap. GLORIOUS DAY! After the beers and some great people watching and chit chat, Miss J$ and I headed to Whole Foods so I could purchase the following: Engine 2 cereal (my all-time favorite cereal), unsweetened almond milk, and vegan cookies.

photo 3 (2)

I headed homeward, hoping beyond hope that my pho and banh mi had survived in the car during my beer-patio time. I was not disappointed, and it turned into one of my favorite meals in recent memory. The banh mi sandwich (order it without mayo to keep it vegan) was AMAZING. I added some of my own mayo before chomping into it. I saved half of everything for my breakfast the next day. Wait, you don’t eat pho for breakfast? It turns out that I do:

Breakfast of champions.
Breakfast of champions.

Sunday brought me to Goodwill to buy 8 new tops for work for $40, to which I was quite pleased. For dinner I was inspired to pan sear some tempeh and make tempeh tacos. On the side, I made fried quinoa with bok choy and jalapenos. YUM. The tacos went like this: tempeh, teese cheese, avocado, and romaine. That’s how you do a taco, homies. Like a rock star.

photo 1 (3)

photo 2 (3)

photo 5 (2)



After dinner, I headed to my brother and sister-in-law’s house to kiss on my nephews and do a yoga video. Yoga, it turns out, is slightly difficult on a full tummy. On the way there I hit up Kroger to take a peak at the frozen food section to see if they had this:

photo 3 (3)

Oh holy night, they did not disappoint. I first had these fishless filets at Dough’s Vegan Waffle Party (read about that here) and they were delicious. This is not health food, folks. These fishless filets did not grow on the vine. Picture your fondest childhood memories that surround the beloved and questionable fish stick, and these are the vegan versions of that. I almost crapped my pants when I got my hands on them. Tonight’s dinner will have fishless filets, tartar sauce, and  mac-n-cheese, because I’m feeling like an Americana comfort food type of meal.

Has anyone tried these before?


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