Why Everyone I Know is Getting Soap for Christmas: LUSH Cosmetics

I had never heard of this company before 4 16-year-old adorable teenage girls forced me into the store in the Mall of Georgia. Though it’s a small store, the sales people were very helpful and told me that the packaging is recycled, the goods are not good forever (they have an expiration date), and there are several vegan items. The girls were giddy over the bath bombs and the soaps, each girl grabbing a few for friends back home. Though at one time I had several items in my hands, I ended up buying nothing because I was so thrown by this company. I needed to do more research before I could commit. Instead, I snagged one of their free catalogs and got the hell out of there, the girls mystified that I was able to leave such a place without buying anything.

Fast forward a couple of months and the catalog finally caught my attention. Lush, come to find out, is the shiz. They believe in using Fairtrade and fairly traded ingredients, giving back to charities and communities, free speech (they have a section called “Soap Box” which allows people to tell their view of the world: in my catalog, it was about the shark fin blackmarket), Β no animal testing, naked packaging, and recycled/recyclable/biodegradable packaging. How am I just now hearing about this company? Why haven’t I traded in my car in order to buy EVERYTHING they offer?

First, I’m attempting to practice some rarely used self control these days. Second, I have all of the products I need right now, so buying more would not make any sense. Third, I’m now realizing that people I know would maybe love these products, so why not spread the love?

I’m not one for baths, because the idea of sitting in a warm tub of my own filthy water never really appealed to me. And then I get all sweaty, and I need to shower and wash my hair, but now I have to stand up and wait for all of this water to drain out of the tub before I can proceed to the shower portion and the whole thing freaks me the hell out. Exceptions to this include hot tubs in the winter and a warm sudsy bath with a person of interest, because both of those situations are amazing. But I do know that my friends can look past all of that and do enjoy a warm bath to relax in, so maybe they would like a “Granny Takes a Dip Bath Bomb” from Lush for Christmas! You see, I’m all about adding to my friend’s relaxation, especially those with kids. They need a warm, quiet, relaxing bath like nobody’s business. Bombs away!

photo (6)

Lush also offers body lotions, shower gels, deodorants, face cleanser, face masks, hair treatments, makeup, and perfumes. They also have spas in New York and Philadelphia. Check out their website ( and see if there’s a location near you. Then report back on if you loved their products!


2 thoughts on “Why Everyone I Know is Getting Soap for Christmas: LUSH Cosmetics”

  1. this is the best stuff!!! i (my wife) totally agrees. we used to run up to Canada to buy it when it was not sold in the US yet, about 14 years ago. bath bombs are the bomb, and it’s so hard not to spend and easy 100$ walking thru it (of course that was only 4 or 5 items..) but – totally agree. good stuff.


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