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Sunday Food Prep, or Why I Feel Like a Complete Bad Ass.

I hit Sprouts up on my lunch break on Thursday, and I felt like a total ninja with my grocery store prowess. If you haven’t yet been to Sprouts, GO. Just get there already. That shiz is bananas. I’ve determined that Thursday at lunch is really the only acceptable time to go, otherwise it’s far too crowded and I get angry.

This Sunday, I decided to get real. I had to give myself a little pep talk. It went something like this: “Listen, Sar, I know you LOVE food, but you have to slow your roll. Pump those brakes, homie. You can’t keep eating like you’re jogging on the reg (cause I know you’re not) or going to yoga on the reg (cause I know you’re not). Get your shit together. Eat a salad, fortheloveofjebus. Eat anything that wasn’t made in a factory and is from the earth. Your pants are tight. Do or do not, there is no try.” That was the gist of the talk. It was time to take my power back. I’d gotten a little lazy recently and could feel my body changing in a way that I didn’t like. So what do you do when that happens? Operation Get Your Shit Together™ began.

This basically entails eating healthy, delicious, plant-based foods and revving my workouts back up again. I’m no slacker, and I’ll be damned if I’m going down the weight gain rabbit hole again. Time to get this party started, because in my opinion, feeling your best and looking your best really is a party.

photo 2


I spent a little over 2 hours in the kitchen on Sunday. I made my breakfast, lunch, and snacks for the entire week. I usually like to cook for dinner, so I left those to be made fresh each night. I made 5 salads-in-a-jars, which included: garlic and tahini dressing (from Dough Bakery), tofu, red pepper, quinoa, black beans, chickpeas, sprouts, romaine, and kale. There are a couple of really important things to note if you’re going to make your own salads-in-a-jar: 1) Put your dressing in first, and keep the lettuce farthest away from it. This means that you can really pound the lettuce in at the top and push it all down. 2) You want to wash all of your ingredients beforehand, but make sure everything is dry before you pack it. Some exceptions to this rule include your dressing (of course) and tofu. I washed my kale, sprouts, and romaine and then let it all dry for a while before I made my jars.  3) If you include a grain, make sure it has cooled completely. I usually make a large helping of quinoa then place the entire pot in the freezer for a quick cool down. After I stuff the quinoa into the jar, I Tupperware the remaining quinoa for dinners during the week. Grain love! Try brown rice in your salads, or couscous. Yum! 4) Lastly, once you get to the lettuce part, shove that shiz down with a Herculian force. Really get a ton in there. That way you have a ton of yummy greens in your salad and not just stuff.

photo 3

photo 4

After the salads were made for my lunches for the week, I aimed for breakfast. I’ve made this recipe several times but I always come back to it because it is sooooooooo simple, fresh, easy, delicious, cheap, and raw. You just dump everything into a Tupperware, pop it into the fridge, then dole out your servings for your breakfast. What could be easier that is still as healthy? Peep it here.

For snacks, I grabbed some organic carrots (not those little weird baby ones), peeled them and chopped them. I did the same with some organic celery stalks. I sliced up a red pepper. Then I portioned out red pepper slices, carrots, and celery into 5 baggies. I brought some garlic hummus to work and now I have fresh veggies to dip into it! I also chopped up some fresh strawberries into 5 baggies, then did the same with bunches of grapes.

Next, I chopped up all of my greens and threw those bad boys into Tupperwares. For the week, I have at my fingertips, all chopped and ready to go: romaine, kale, and bok choy. Can we talk about bok choy for a minute? My love for bok choy began when I worked at Doc Chey’s way back in the day. It is such a delectable green, all pretty with those delicious white tips. Bok choy is also SUPER amazing for you. If you’ve never tried it, what are you waiting for? Go #YOLO on that bok choy!


Doing Sunday food prep has lead to unexpected amazing things happening to me this week. Lately, I’ve been running around in the morning, trying to think of what to eat for breakfast (or actually eating breakfast), making my lunch, and the like. For the past two mornings, I have had about 15 extra minutes to do what my heart desires! This morning, it was making my warm lemon water, loading the dishwasher, and cleaning out the litter box, to which the LunaBearLove immediately stepped into and took a steaming shiitake. Atta girl. I would like clean litter, too. Also, I got to work on time! Usually I’m arriving at around 8:15. Yesterday and this morning I made it into the office at 8:02. That’s CRAZY. Because all I’m doing is pulling stuff out of the fridge for the day, I was also able to make sure I didn’t look like a completely haggard human and put on some makeup. I got to work on time, with all of my food for the day prepared, and I already started off with so much more time and energy. Oh, and I feel like I can take over the world with all of this green vegetable energy flowing through me and feeling crazy prepared for the day. All from doing a 2 hour food prep on Sunday.

I went to yoga last night and felt amazing afterwards. Tonight is jogging/walking. Now that it’s getting cooler (Hello, first day of Fall!) there really is no excuse for not getting outside and shaking that behind. Plus those endorphins are free drugs! It’s a win all around.

I invite you to also feel like a complete bad ass. Get your Sunday food prep on, and discover what you can do with your newly found extra time in the morning and a belly full of plant power!


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