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Attack of the Frozen Vegan Pizza

As many of you have come to learn, I love some junk food, much like the rest of us. I am trying to eat better (which you will learn about in tomorrow’s post), so therefore let’s talk about all of the delicious and devious frozen vegan pizzas which are amazing because I won’t be eating them for a while. Cruel motivation, people! Let’s see if it works. I should note that almost every time I go to the grocery store, I get a frozen pizza. In my brain, it makes sense to do this because I’ve been thinking about food for an hour and what I’m going to cook and the last thing I want to do when I get home is cook. Logical, right?


My favorite: Tofurky Pepperoni Pizza


This shiz is the real deal. As a friend recently pointed out to me, it’s very reminiscent of the Tostino pizzas of our haunted pasts. You know, those times when you’re slightly ashamed of how much you love how crappy the pizza was? This one is strikingly similar. The pepperoni is spot on and delicious, and the cheese is great too. I have yet to try the other Tofurky pizzas, but there are others:

tofurky pizzas

Next: Amy’s Margherita Pizza with Daiya cheese


This one is my go-to frozen pizza fix. So delicious…not too much red sauce, the perfect amount of cheese, and a delicious crispy crust. Oh, Amy’s…what can’t you do? I have also tried this one:

amys spinach

Next: American Flatbread’s Vegan Harvest



My finished product.

I tried this one for the first time Friday night. It was really really really yummy, and I added a chopped up jalapeno from my garden for extra kick. The crust was honestly my favorite part, it had such a delicious flavor. I recommend this one highly.

Next: Bold Organics


I have never tried this one (nor seen it, apparently) so I may be late to this pizza party. Has anyone tried this one?

Next: Daiya Pizza


Wait, Daiya makes its own pizzas?? Where the hell have I been? I have so much pizza to eat…

Next: Whole Foods 365 Brand Pizza

whole foods

My love for Whole Foods has not lessened, but my love for Sprouts has grown which means I haven’t been to a Whole Foods for grocery shopping in a very long time. Plus, the closest one is about 45 minutes away from me. Hell to the no! So, all of this is to say that I haven’t tried their brand of vegan pizza yet. Has anyone tried this?


What frozen vegan pizzas do you guys like to eat?





9 thoughts on “Attack of the Frozen Vegan Pizza”

  1. American Flatbread is my favorite by far! You’re right, it’s all in the crust (and the Daiya cheese doesn’t hurt either). The crust on Daiya brands can be a little temperamental (I’ve only ever gotten the cheese flavor to bake up right), but Tofurky really rocks it. (Sorry, I just have A LOT OF THOUGHTS on vegan pizza! 🙂


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