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My Favorite Vegan Websites and Blogs

Happy Thursday, homies! Today is my Friday because I’m busting out of Georgia early tomorrow morning to fly to NYC for my pal Fritzle’s bday. It’s my first time in NYC as a vegan so I’m super stoked to get some awesome food experiences up north. Plus, the high for the weekend is like 75, so you know this sweaty beast is loving that. I know we won’t have much time to visit all of the vegan joints that I want to go to (it is her bday and all, so she calls the shots) but I have no doubt that this weekend will be one for the books. Fritzles and I have a way of, well, going balls to the wall. But me old long time, so there’s that. I tend to get angry if I’m up past 10:30 and I love an afternoon nap. I fear that coffee will be my best friend this weekend. But when in NYC, amiright? On to the list!

Since going vegan (and when I was majorly flirting like a 12-year-old) I have clung to certain blogs for their wealth of recipes, their ability to make me laugh, and their sense of comfort in this crazy new world. They have been like new friends (and in some cases, have actually become friends), sharing the love across the interwebs. I hope that these bloggers and sites become friends to you!

Fork and Beans

Oh, Cara. Let me let you all in on a little secret. Cara is the shiz nasty bomb squad. I emailed her on a whim once, with the thought of “She’s WAY too busy being awesome, and writing a cook book, and just generally rocking at life to email me back. I will now hang my head in shame” running through my head. Cara emailed me back the exact same day, and our love of humor and all things awesome have created a great friendship via the interwebs. I have fried okra waiting for you in Georgia, Cara. And beer. Of course beer. Come visit anytime!

Oh She Glows

Angela also just published her first cook book like Cara and she is also super cool. Her recipes really helped me in my transition from flirt to vegan and I rely heavily on her blog for inspiration and recipes. Check her out!

Keepin It KindΒ 

Somehow, I have only recently just stumbled upon Kristy’s blog, and it makes me oh so sad that I was crazy late to the party. But I’m never leaving now…she’s hilarious, and makes ridiculous dishes that will have you drooling and wondering how you’ve lived without jackfruit for some long. She also has a cookbook and it’s coming out soon. You can thank me later.

Vegan Richa

Richa is from India, and therefore many of her flavor roots are Eastern and delightful. As I love all Asian food, Richa has a direct line to my heart. She creates some CRAZY amazing recipes. You will not be sorry you found her!

Minimalist Baker

Duuuuuudes. Dana is the brains behind the blog and the grub you see on the site. I still drool when I think of her vegan asparagus lemon pasta or her vegan Parmesan cheese. Mmmmmmmmmmm. Run, don’t walk.

Herbivore Clothing

My go-to shop for fun vegan clothes, bags, and stickers. I hope to one day visit them in Portland and then lose my return plane ticket and just live there, but that’s another story all together. If you sign up for their email list, they let you know what item is the sale item of the week.

Vegan Cuts

Want to try some new vegan beauty products? Get their beauty box delivered to your door. Or if you want something delicious, they also offer a snack box. In fact, these days, they offer boxes of all kinds!


Alternative Outfitters

I have approximately 800 items in my shopping cart on this site, but the need to pay bills forbids me from buying EVERYTHING they offer. They rock!

Sweet & Sara

This is one of the first places I ordered vegan goodies from because they make VEGAN MARSHMALLOWS like crazy people. Try the smores and the macaroons. You’re welcome.

Obsessive Confection Disorder

So delicious, so amazing. Goodies delivered to your door, homies. Get the Ruthless Mama, Mel’s Way, and the Vanilla Bean Sea Salt Caramel. YES.







7 thoughts on “My Favorite Vegan Websites and Blogs”

  1. A promise of okra AND beer? Two of my favorite things??? *drops computer and currently runs to LAX* Girl, we were instantly made friends the moment our names rhymed ☺ Thank you for putting me on this list of awesome women and websites!


      1. Considering that I a). Quoted Ghostbusters today, b). Made tacos for dinner, and c). Think high-fives are the perfect way to say hello…sounds like love to me!


  2. I like fork and beans too

    Make sure to try out
    Kathy has great pictures and step by step instructions, lots of vegan alternatives
    her website allows you to post your own recipes as well as find others.
    Bianca loves all deep fried vegan goodies
    Vegan makeup and beauty guide


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