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Making it Stick.

Today, I just did not want to write about what I had planned (per my Vegan MoFo calendar) nor did I have any good ideas. I’m about to start cruising the crimson wave (sorry, male readers!) so I just generally want to be left alone to eat ice cream by the pint and dream of popcorn and fries all day long. What is it about this time of the month that leaves me so helpless to food’s power? I generally feel like a bloated slug, trudging through the muck of the day so that I can go home and lay on my couch and watch such amazing shows as “Real Housewives of (doesn’t matter)” and “Master Chef” and “Married at First Sight.” Has anyone watched “Married at First Sight”? That show is CRAZY. Six people have put their lives in matchmaker’s slightly capable hands to get married to COMPLETE STRANGERS for a social experiment. I think this week’s episode is where they decide if they want to get divorced or stay together. I personally believe that 2 of the couples will stay together, but that the last one will break up. One couple just do not have such great chemistry…but what do you expect? You’re forced to play house with a complete stranger with cameras in your face and it makes me slightly uncomfortable to update my online dating profile.

So what popped into my head to talk about today were my eating wishes. As someone with slightly disordered eating patterns, I can easily eat like a CHAMP for 5 days. We’re talking giant salads, smoothies as big as your head, carrots and celery for snacks, and deliciously nutritious dinners. Like the freaking poster child for Vegan Magazine. Then, I get the cravings. You guys know what I’m talking about. And sometimes I can ignore them, but other times I can’t. I am all about allowing yourself those yummy times, because YOLO and all that jazz. Life is short! Eat that dessert, homies. But then, I just feel like I’m dragging. Basically like I’m carrying a 10 pound bowling bowl around and I can only blame myself.

I’ve been here before (as you all know) so it’s nothing new. I wonder, is it true about the 28-day myth? That if you can do anything for 28 days, it will become a habit? If so, I’d like to take that challenge. Instead of binge eating my feelings per usual, I hopped onto Amazon and ordered “Fit for Life” for my Kindle. It has a 6 week program in it to get you back to healthy eating. I think my problem is that little voice inside my head that says “you can be better tomorrow…EAT THAT CHOCOLATE BAR RIGHT NOW” and then that voice starts growling much like the dog-like gargoyles in “Ghostbusters”. It didn’t really stick when I did the Conscious Cleanse, though I do think that is a great program. Of course, I didn’t really commit to the cleanse 100%, so I do believe I need to find some inner strength up in here. I wonder: what will help me make the life change?

I would love nothing more than to be all Whole Foods Plant Based and drink green juices every morning and glow from the inside and give myself enemas and make my own makeup and forage for herbs and laugh my way to perfect health. I’m just having a hard time making it stick. Has anyone made the transition away from processed/junky vegan food to a WFPB diet?


2 thoughts on “Making it Stick.”

  1. Wow, where do I even start with this post? First of all YES, YES, and YES! That is to: The Real Housewives (Reunion 1 of OC was juicy! Tamara…tsk tsk); Married at First Sight (don’t think that I could ever do that!); and the cravings/food/weight stuff. Currently I am on a new diet: I am eliminating all the horrible words and thoughts that I feel towards myself and body. I have lost 40 lbs. over the course of my 20s until now so I am much smaller than I used to be but I still battle with my ideals of perfection and how I do not match up. No amount of clean eating or exercise will ever cure that, no matter how much I convince myself that it will. So that is my struggle: Knowing that no matter how close I get to that ideal, it will never be good enough because I ultimately am not kind to myself. That, I believe, will be a lifetime of learning and growing–to get it through my head that attaining what I think is “perfection” will not make me happy finally but that this moment contains everything that I need to make me happy. It’s a lot of hard work and honestly, I don’t trust anyone who claims that they eat perfectly everyday, all the time 😉 That actually sounds disordered to me. Sending you the biggest hugs! I wish you could come over for a cup of coffee and we could talk more about this…


    1. DUDE. Tamra is CRAZY. Bia needs to be slapped straight up in the face.

      Wow, I LOVE your diet. A diet of self-love, self-respect, and self-understanding. I thank you greatly for your amazing words, because honestly, it rings very very true to me. To constantly battle towards an image that we can never fit is exhausting, so there must be another way. You have given me so much to ponder. Get your butt to GA so we can drink margaritas together like the universe intended!


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