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PlantBasedATL’s Meet Up At Elmyriachi

The promise of a deep-fried burrito was enough for me to drive from Gwinnett to Atlanta in rush-hour traffic yesterday. Of course, one could argue, that I was going against traffic by heading into town, but that person has never met Clairmont Road at 5:30 on a Tuesday afternoon. Thankfully, I was starving, and my hanger was enough to propel me to Elmyriachi by 6:15.

What struck me first about Elmyriachi (, which shows my lameness oldness awesomeness, is that they have their own parking lot in Kirkwood. Color me happy, homies! You just know it’s going to a pleasant experience when you don’t have to worry about your car getting booted or snagging a parking ticket.

Second, Elmyriachi has an AMAZING patio. Like, truly epic. The PlantBasedATL crew was able to snag two HUGE tables on the patio and there was still plenty of room for the regular patrons. We actually started to run out of room because this crew grew into a giant crowd. What’s not to love about tons of like-minded vegan people? Exactly. We know how to roll.

El Myriachi! (photo courtesy of Holly @veganadian).
El Myriachi! (photo courtesy of Holly @veganadian).

When you go to Elmyriachi, you will be awed by their hand made margarita menu. Unfortunately, we were very sad to learn that the sour mix has milk in it, so we all opted to not have that. ย But I can’t blame Elmyriachi, because they were very awesome to us veg-heads. The waiter very patiently went over the entire food and drink menu with us, explaining in great detail what is and what isn’t vegan. I ordered the jalapeno margarita, which was quite possibly the best decision I’ve made all week. It was spicy, lime infused, and perfectly balanced. I wanted approximately 18 more, but a D.U.I. was not on the menu last night, so I kept it cute.

Mmmmmm jalapeno.
Mmmmmm jalapeno.

As far as food is concerned, there was really only one entree that had to be eaten immediately: the chimichanga. This forbidden love is a burrito stuffed to the brim with tofu, roasted corn, and green chiles then DEEP FRIED into submission. It came with refried beans, guacamole, lettuce, tomato, cilantro, and your choice of guajillo or verde sauce. Feast your eyes upon this tasty bastard:

All the fried things.
All the fried things.

I know. I get it. You want it. You don’t have to explain yourself. I must be honest and tell you: it was better than you can ever imagine. The golden crispy outer shell was a perfect counterpart to the hot and delicious ingredients inside. When I tell you that angels sang when I cut the chimi with my fork, please just believe me. For some unknown reason which still ย befuddles me, I was able to save half of the chimi for my lunch today.

There are SO many other entrees that I want to try: the taco salad, the tres hermanas burrito, and the thai burrito, just to name a few. If you like them on Facebook, they regularly post fun events or daily specials. Today’s special is Seitanic Chicharones: seitan in red chile sauce, served with beans, mexi slaw, and pickled jalapenos for $8.00. Totes vegan, friends. Get thee to Elmyriachi. You won’t regret it. Unless you order only one chimichanga, in which case you might regret that. Wise up and order two. You’re welcome for the pro tip.


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