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PlantBasedATL’s Vegan Meet-up at Takorea

Last night was my first PlantBasedATL Vegan Meet-up, and let me tell you all, I’m hooked. Meeting new people can be hard sometimes…I’m a very outgoing person by nature and say whatever comes to mind (perhaps I need to work on that). But when it comes to meeting new people or walking into a place where you don’t really know anyone, I get pretty nervous and shy. I want to make a great first impression. I’m wondering such dorky things as “What should I wear?” and “Will people like me?” You get the idea. It’s like the first day at a new school. What the hell do you talk to complete strangers about?

If you’re a vegan in Atlanta, and you’re at Takorea on a rainy Wednesday night, you talk about: how to make seitan, gardening, loving or hating mushrooms, cats (and then you show pictures of your cats), other vegan restaurants, coconut bacon, and how non-vegans think us vegans only eat salad. We all had a good laugh at that one. Because if I’ve learned anything about being a vegan, it is that we LOVE TO EAT and we LOVE GREAT FOOD. Like, love. Almost obsessively.

Holly of and her sister started these meet-ups to hang with like-minded folk and, more importantly, to take a bite out of Atlanta’s vegan restaurant options. If you’re looking for the geeky, awesome, vegan type, then Holly is your girl. I texted her pictures of Chewbacca being crazy, and she gets it.

Takorea ( is this little hidden gem on Juniper Street. It’s a hybrid of Korean and Mexican flavors, where tacos and kimchi collide in a delicious and safe way.  Don’t worry, they do offer meat, but no one was eating that last night. Last night there were murmurs of the sesame fries before I had even made it through the door. I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that every table ordered the fries. The smell of sugar and sesame lingered in the air. Finally, mine were delivered. Behold:

photo 2

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Sesame is one of my all-time favorite smells and flavors. I would bathe in sesame oil if I could and if it was socially acceptable. These fries had a touch of sugar on them, to counteract the savory with the sweet. Chipotle ketchup was served with them, as if heaven had angels to spare. Somehow, I was able to not shove handfuls of them into my face (I was in public, afterall) while I also enjoyed a tofu taco (no picture because I ate it too quickly). One of my new pals ordered the burrito, and we laughed at how GIANT the burrito was, because Takorea’s burrito ate Moe’s burrito for lunch. The food at Takorea was amazing, fresh, and quick. The service was impeccable, fast, and friendly.  I will definitely be back to try some different entrees.

The bathroom at Takorea says "Howdy"!
The bathroom at Takorea says “Howdy”!

Last night marks the first of many future vegan meet-ups for me. It was so nice to be around “my people”, those that can talk about sprouting and cats and cauliflower alfredo and how to make your own soy milk. And now, I have to eat my leftover sesame fries before someone gets hurt.


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