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Running on Empty, and Why I Started a Christmas List in August.

To let you in on a little secret (we’re friends, aren’t we?), I want to tell you the joy that it is to have my brain. If my brain had a spirit animal, I think it would be the shithouse rat. That crazy bastard has many a task: search for food, scratch an itch, ooohhhh what is that? It’s shiny! Run from danger…now I’m hungry again. Time to sleep!

You see my dilemma. My brain is constantly going in a million directions, getting interested in a billions things at once and wanting to know EVERYTHING ABOUT EVERYTHING. Google has become my dream and nightmare. I have to know, right now. I have hundreds of projects at any given time. I have a notebook as my constant companion so I can scribble down ideas. I get frantic when the pantry becomes unorganized and I have to stop what I’m doing to spend an hour organizing it and checking expiration dates.

I don’t think it’s an OCD thing. I’m just not one of those people that says, “Oh yeah, I keep forgetting to call that company” or “Ugh…I don’t know how to find out about that.” I must fit the puzzle pieces together, I must figure it out, there is no try (there is only do). May the universe help all involved if I ever decide to get married, have children, or buy a house. Those to-do lists will be of EPIC proportion and no book will remain unread and no phone call will go uncalled. I get shit done, is what I’m trying to tell you all.

I want to do everything all the time. I want to run all the races I’ve ever heard of in far away places and walk around new cities and try all of the new recipes I’ve earmarked and also learn more about sloths, because they just intrigue me. I mean, have you seen them? Wrap this around your brain:


Friends, when I tell you to google “______ photobomb” (insert animal first) your day will be MADE. Feast your eyes upon these animals as they act in a way that made tears stream down my face on a Tuesday.















My all-time favorite.
My all-time favorite.

Whew! I think we can all agree that cats are the best photobombers of the animal kingdom. Hours of entertainment on the interwebs.

So why am I making a Christmas list in August? Because I CAN’T HELP IT. I’m surprised I didn’t start it in June. When the holidays start coming, life gets super hectic and I can get overwhelmed if I’m not careful. Last year, I went out on Thanksgiving afternoon to do some “crazy people” shopping, and while it was without incident, I really do not want that to happen this year. This holiday season, the interwebs will be my best friend and so will gift cards. That way I can avoid the malls and just talking to people in general.

Oh! In the midst of holiday and trip planning, Vegan MoFo research, and just generally trying to keep my shit together, I all together forgot that I signed myself up for a 10k on August 30th. Shitballs. How sweet of me, right? Sigh. Now that I’m in the full swing of my half marathon training, the 10k should be fine. Is now a good time to mention that I jogged on Sunday for the first time since the Peachtree on July 4th? Right. I may be fucked.


7 thoughts on “Running on Empty, and Why I Started a Christmas List in August.”

  1. Christmas?! I’m still on halloween…and I thought I was early. Ha. PS I am laughing so hard at the photobomb pics. Now I’m not sure if the Scotch is making it funnier but I don’t care. That cat. That CAT!!


    1. Scotch ALWAYS makes things funnier! But seriously, I just died laughing at the cat photobombing pics again…make sure you google it sometime when you’re feeling down. Instant hilarity at your fingertips!


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