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Vegan MoFo 2014

It’s happening! I am so very excited to be a part of Vegan MoFo 2014! Vegan MoFo (Month of Food) happens every September and unites us awesome crazy bloggers into one crazy world, or something. In September, peeps that are participating will be blogging on the reg about all things vegan and awesome, to include new recipes, fun websites to try, restaurant reviews, everything! Vegan MoFo was originally created by Post Punk Kitchen (, the brainchild of Isa Chandra Moskowitz. Make sure you guys check her site and books out, she is crazy amazing. Basically, this will be a month filled to the brim (a post by me almost every day. Yikes!) with tons of information, recipes, and insight about what makes this veg-head tick (hint: it’s kale. And sometimes doughnuts). I have tons of ideas for what to write about, but first a question for you guys: does anyone have a topic or idea that they want me to explore? Don’t be shy!


I’m excited to a part of a larger community, and, as the MoFo herself has said, “As the world catches on that vegan food really is the best choice for animals (suck it, humane meat!), the planet (bite me, melting ice caps!) and people (piss off, heart disease!) let’s show them what vegan eating is all about.” Check out more here:

In other news, has anyone tried the new Doc Chey’s Dragon Bowl? I used to work at Doc Chey’s Emory (a million and a half years ago, mind you) and am slightly saddened by the fact that it has morphed into something new. But, let’s be real, I’m super excited to try it as well! Give me noodles or give me death, I always say. Peep it here:



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