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The purge, the gardens, and a plan.

Twas an excellent weekend, friends. EXCELLENT. I’m slowly learning that I really love a weekend with few, but totally awesome plans. I get overwhelmed when my cup runneth over and then the anxiety kicks in and then I’m restless and tired and cranky and a mean ol’ dirty hippie. No one wants that! Hippies are supposed to be a gentle folk. Imagine the troll-like people from “Frozen” when you think of hippies. Rad homemade jewelry, covered in earthly moss, and singing awesome songs. Being able to roll yourself up into a ball and jump on people’s shoulders would be a definitely plus, but not a necessity. Don’t get crazy.

I suddenly feel happy with where I am in life. What a great feeling, right? Work is going well and I’ve applied for an internal promotion. Yay! The diet has been struggling lately, but I’m all signed up and ready to launch into the Conscious Cleanse that begins on July 30. Woo hoo! Jogging has been slacking, but I just created a 21-week training plan for the Jeff Galloway Half Marathon in December; training begins next week like a bat out of hell. Rock! The family has gone through some recent struggles, but with our powers combined, we can get through anything. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that when life throws you lemons, you juice the shit out of those lemons and keep it moving. But you also want to add some other green veggies to that juice, or else just drinking juiced lemons would be totally weird. Or you can add sugar to the juiced lemons, then you have yourself some motherfucking lemonade. The point is to just keep swimming, keep moving forward, and keep on rocking in the free world. Happy days!

This weekend was nothing short of awesome. But let me be clear of what an awesome weekend entails for little ol’ 32-year-old veg-head extraordinaire me: get plenty of sleep, have tons of lounging time (preferably watching movies on a couch, reading on a couch, or napping on a couch), spend little to no money, eat DELICIOUS food, hang with amazing people, and basically recharge the batteries. I don’t ask for much, friends. I just want it to rock, but obviously not too hard. Seeing as how getting plenty of sleep is at the top of my weekend list, I think you get the picture.


I went to an impromptu viewing of “The Purge Anarchy” on Friday night with my sister-in-law. In order to save money, I made a hodge-podge kind of meal beforehand. It turned out to be one of the best meals I may have ever made. I cooked whole wheat couscous and added a twinge of coconut oil, because coconuts. Separately, I sauteed some onions in olive oil, then I added tempeh, corn, broccoli, tamari, and peanut sauce. I topped it off with avocados. TASTE EXPLOSION in my mouth. My mouth is actually watering at the thought of this dish. It was beyond anything one can comprehend. I will not spoil the movie for you guys, but I will say that it was twice as awesome as the first. A must see!

A culinary triumph.
A culinary triumph.

On Saturday morning, I was awoken by a purring and meowing cat known as the LunaBearLove. Sometimes she forgets that on Saturdays and Sundays, her human mom likes to sleep in (which means 8:30 at the latest). At 7:00 am, I got up and fed the beast. After having some toast with sunbutter, I took a sort of silly nap from 10:00-1:00 pm. I say it was silly because who naps at 10:00 am? Most people are still asleep. But you and I are not wise enough to argue with the universe on topics such as these, and so I take the naps when I can. Never look a gift-nap in the mouth.

The Small Bear. Yes, there's another cat in the picture.
The Small Bear. Yes, there’s another cat in the picture.
Not by the hair...
Not by the hair…

I went to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens with my BFF Beavy to volunteer and help direct the flow of human traffic. The Indigo Girls were playing at ABG and it was a fun night to people watch. I had to walk around the gardens in awe at the larger-than-life botanical creatures that were present. If you’ve never been, make it a point to go there. They have great activities for the munchkins and awesome holiday festivities. After the concert, it was sushi time. But when is it not?


I know RuSan’s gets a bad rap…but I am a sucker for their veggie sushi, miso soup, and tempura vegetables. Saturday night’s feast was eggplant maki, zucchini maki, and a salad maki. I had never had the salad maki before, but it was delightful. But for reals, how does one eat those giant rolls? I usually eat half and then the other half falls apart. Life goes on, amiright?

Sunday was filled with a whole lot of nothing, and I was pleased with the outcome. I’m really trying to finish reading “Under the Dome” (side note: Really, Stephen King? Why are ALL of your books SO EFFING LONG? Zip it, homie. It isn’t that deep.) so that I can begin my Conscious Cleanse book. I ended up taking a baby nap on Sunday (Hi, my name is Veg-Head, and I heart naps) and then decided to try my hand at a new recipe. FROM MY BRAIN. I cut tofu into triangles and seared it in sesame oil, then placed it on top of mixed greens and drizzled sesame ginger dressing over it. Added a side of tomatoes from my garden, along with homemade mashed potatoes. Total time cooking: 20 minutes. Who says you can’t have a delicious and healthy meal in 20 minutes? I’ll kick them in the chest (it’s a person’s center of gravity, you see).

Tofu Triangles!
Tofu Triangles!
Planning a 21-week training session takes a calendar.
Planning a 21-week training session takes a calendar.

All in all, a great weekend was had. I’m feeling inspired in the kitchen and creatively like I haven’t in a while. Here is my calendar that I made for my half marathon training program.Β Cause that’s how I’m rolling these days, people. On all cylinders.


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