This Stinks: My Search for a Natural Deodorant

In my quest to become healthy, wealthy, and wise (I’m officially still working on all three), I realized that a movement towards a natural deodorant had begun. And I wanted to be a part of that movement instantly. I wanted to let my hippie freak  vegan tree hugging flag fly and proudly proclaim, “I don’t need your crazy chemicals any longer! And smell my armpits! I shaved them a week ago!” Of course, I want to keep my friends and family, so I can’t be all stinkin’. Because a stinky friend is not a friend indeed, but rather a friend in need. Or some shit. Long story short, I found myself with a very important dilemma: how to go natural and not stink. Let’s start at the beginning.


About 3 or 4 months ago, when I took the veg-head plunge, I tried to go back to my college hippie roots with the Crystal. Are you guys familiar with the Crystal? I had gotten this method down pat back in college: you wet the crystal under water then apply to your underarms. Back then, I would apply some essential oils afterwards to ward off any additional stink. It worked like a charm back in the day! So why wasn’t it working now? I tried it for a about 3 weeks, and at times it seemed to work. I developed a wicked rash that itched like crazy, but according to the interwebs, the rash could just be your body detoxing from the crap of past deodorants. Then I dropped the crystal and it cracked, which lead me to discover the mighty crystal’s one weakness: a crack. That shiz broke not long after, and I was stuck with the question: do I buy the Crystal again or do I try something else? I next went to:


I got this from Whole Foods. I thought, this will work like a charm! I currently use Nature’s Gate toothpaste and it’s awesome. Let me tell you people that, in no uncertain terms, this deodorant NEVER worked for me. I stank like a sailor at sea almost immediately after applying it. I felt so lied to! But I have to remember that what works for one may not work for all, so my search continued. Next I went to the trusty:

DEO_Long Lasting_UNS

Of course. Tom’s. The old standby. Me love Tom’s long time. I’ve been using Tom’s toothpaste since forever. So it gave me pause when this Tom’s only worked sometimes. I distinctly remember going to visit a friend on a Saturday after not showering that morning (read: hippie) and was truly STANKIN’ even after liberally reapplying the Tom’s. It let me down! I felt so betrayed. So I did some interweb research, and I found:


Schmidt’s. Ordered online. It came with its own mini spatula! It smelled delightful. And this is truly natural deodorant: you apply this with your very own fingers. How hippie! How natural! You know I was going to just love this. After a while, though, the Schmidt’s began to give me problems. The scent began to smell, well…nasty. Maybe it mixed oddly with my own scents? Also, I started to develop this weird redness that later turned brown. What was happening to my body? I wondered if my funk would ever be conquered. Was my stink just too powerful to die? Have I broken the deodorant’s code and perhaps my body was the key science has been looking for? Probably not. But I decided I would not stop until I found something that worked, dammit.

Courtesy of Wellness Mama
Courtesy of Wellness Mama

I went to Wellness Mama, as I often do with questions about natural products and how to make them. Maybe if I can’t find a deodorant that works, I could make my own! Nothing more natural or hippie than that, homies. I found her recipe and actually have all of the ingredients. But I couldn’t help but notice that she claims that one can simply use baking soda as deodorant. That’s it. Just baking soda? No sooner had I read that than a coworker told me her grandmother ONLY uses baking soda as a deodorant. I instantly went to the interwebs to see if this was legit, and believe it or not, baking soda is in fact too legit to quit (see what I did there?). I tried it this morning, and I think that because I didn’t know what I was doing, I may have done something wrong. I’m wearing a shirt that I notoriously sweat in and have yet to sweat, but there is just the slightest of funks present.

baking soda

I think that I will make Wellness Mama’s natural deodorant recipe after I give the baking soda a proper go (you can find the recipe here: I do really like the idea of using just baking soda as a deodorant, but then I wonder: is it ok to travel with a baby Tupperware filled with white powder? Am I getting kicked out of Spain for this?


Speaking of Spain, I have begun my “I can no longer do anything that costs any money because I am being ninja thrifty in order to save money so that I can drink all the wine in Spain” phase. I will be going with a friend from October 8-18 and, seriously, I cannot believe it’s coming up. The ticket will be bought soon and then it will be FO REAL happening. I even made a spreadsheet of my finances to make sure I’m saving money like the crazy person that I am. After Spain happens, then I will begin my “I can no longer do anything that costs any money because I am being ninja thrifty in order to pay off debt and not live with my parents forever” phase. It’s super fun being me. I’ll report back on the stinkiness!


10 thoughts on “This Stinks: My Search for a Natural Deodorant”

  1. Ok…who knew you were going through all this??!! I’m happy to report that you never smelled bad to me…ijs! 😉
    I told you the baking soda works! 😀
    Keep rockin this blog!


  2. My deodorant has run out too and have been looking for alternative, I saw the Schmidt’s at the local store and was interested in purchasing till I saw the price. I’ve heard coconut oil works well.


    1. I’ve heard the same about coconut oil, Saniel! I mean, who doesn’t want to smell like a tropical beachy breeze all day? Let me know what else you try!


    1. Don’t give up, Lee! There’s something out there for everyone, I’m convinced. Maybe what works for one doesn’t work for you. Let me know which ones you’ve tried!


  3. Such a comprehensive post! I love it! Thank you! 😀

    I’m so excited that you’re getting to go to Spain. I went to Sweden last August and it was the bestbestbest. Looking forward to seeing your pictures.


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