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On Going Full Tilt: Vegan or Die

Let me preface this post by saying that I have only been officially vegan for approximately 3-4 months at this point. From January through March of this year, I flirted with veganism and I’ll be damned if it didn’t flirt right back. So much so that we made it official in March, and neither of us have looked back since. When I get into something new, I get REALLY EXCITED and I want to read everything about it and find cool websites and cool people and new stuff and new books and display my love proudly. To give everyone an idea, I have only read vegan or food industry books since November of last year, until last week when I downloaded “Under the Dome” by Stephen King to take my mind away from the insanity that is “Sugar Salt Fat” (more on that book later). I have bought approximately 30 vegan books or cook books since November. I subscribed to an obscene amount of vegan blogs. I printed off an even more obscene amount of recipes from said blogs (which I now realize is not very cool…save a tree, amiright?). I started researching vegan and cruelty free makeup, clothes, and shoes. Side note: Toms makes vegan shoes that are super duper rad. I think you all get the point. I heart being a vegan pretty hard.

But there’s a fine line between being really excited about something new and awesome in your life and being preachy to people, and I struggle with that. To Momma and Poppa Veg Head, I worry about their health. I generally don’t scream about the fact that the steak they’re eating once had a face and a momma (I’m not ENTIRELY insane), but I do try and help them make better choices so that they live longer. That way they can make fun of me for raising my kids as vegan and asking silly questions like “Is that apple juice made with HFCS? Don’t give that to Salem or Khalo or Madrid or whomever.”

I never wanted to be a preachy vegetarian and I don’t want to be a preachy vegan. NEVER. I guess the closest I hope toย get is to discuss health with a friend, when asked. I’ve always had the impression that my diet was a burden on people, and I never wanted to be a burden. Nowadays I tend to not mention being a vegan or vegan food or vegan restaurants unless someone else brings it up, for the fear of sounding judgmental. What’s interesting, though, is that I’ve never had to answer questions about my diet when I ate meat. When I was a vegetarian, and now as a vegan, I am constantly barraged with questions and tricks to try and make me look like a hypocrite. It’s odd that one has to constantly defend a lifestyle that is generally accepted as the most healthy, best for the environment, best for the lives of others. Oh well.

Yes, I do this.
Yes, I do this.
From the Love Infinitely Project.
From the Love Infinitely Project.
Care of Herbivore Clothing. (I love elephants, fyi)
Care of Herbivore Clothing. (I love elephants, fyi)

Now on to the fun part. Since going vegan and apparently going full tilt cray cray, I have finally gotten my first vegan shirts and stickers. I was so very excited on Saturday when all of my goodies arrived! I am still waiting on one shirt to arrive from The Blonde Vegan (now The Blonde Veggie). I also ordered myย first attempt at natural deodorant paste, care of Schmidt’s. Yes, I am a Veg Head, and I rub deodorant paste onto my armpits every morning. Once you get past the whole “What the hell am I doing” ย part, it’s all gravy baby. Oh! And my Diva Cup arrived in the mail. More on that later (sans pictures).

Long story short (too late), I love and embrace this lifestyle. Going vegan has opened all kinds of fun and exciting doors to interesting people and amazing food. I completely understand the craziness that this can entail, but I welcome it with open arms. And an open mouth for vegan pizza.


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