10 Things I Love: Thursday Edition

Welcome to Thursday! Isn’t a great feeling when you wake up and think, “I am thisclose to the weekend…let me not murder today”? I awoke with a purring cat laying on my chest which begged the urge to call into work and fake diarrhea, but today was my birthday party at work. I couldn’t miss the train wreck that was presenting hummus and veggies when everyone expected cake. On to the list:

1. Charming Charlie. For reals, y’all. Get it together. This joint offers jewelry, clothes, bags…and it’s ORGANIZED BY COLOR. It doesn’t make any sense. Go there now.Β

2. Chadwick’s Produce. This place is a hidden treasure. In Gwinnett County, this is the place to go for delicious blood red tomatoes that taste like a tomato should. Do you ever get a tomato from the grocery store that tastes like nothing? They make me angry inside and out. I adore this place.Β

3. Making Lists. This should go without saying, simply because you’re reading a list that I’ve made. But I LOVE making lists. I will make a list, then remake it to look prettier or in a different notebook. Yes, I use notebooks like I’m a 13 year old.

4. Traveling. I just went to the beach, and before that I was in Mobile for Mardi Gras (it originated there, get it straight). Before that it was New York to visit my yankee homie FritzlePie. This October, I’m heading to Spain with Miss J$. If I don’t travel often enough, I get stir crazy. I love all parts of it, even the lame parts where you are waiting in the airport and wondering if you’re going to get another cinnabon or not. The answer is always yes, by the way.

5. Yoga. I’ve been going to yoga twice a week since November. I’m obsessed. I’m currently trying to join the rest of my class as they pop into the air in their shoulder stands, but I think my big boobs are preventing me from such. I’m stronger, saner, and my arms have serious definition happening. Yoga makes me happy. This is where I go:Β

6. Work Out Gear. Am I the only one that constantly is saying, “I need new tank tops” or “Now I need shorts because it’s hot outside”? I’m actually going to buy more today after work…I may have a slight problem.

7. Fitbit. Though I did go through a spell of not being able to locate my fitbit, I love this guy. It will track your steps and your sleep. You can log your food and exercise, too. I finally found it and am back to double-tapping it to see how many steps I’ve taken. This thing is slightly addictive!

8. Real Housewives – All of them. Sad, but true. I love reality TV. I don’t like the Miami one, and I’ve given up on Atlanta because those ladies are too cray for me. But NYC, OC, and Jersey? I get excited when they start back up again.

9. Planning Races. I also have a slight problem with getting WAY too excited about races. In 2015, I’m planning on doing a race a month, if not more frequently. I love the race environment. But seriously, I may need to calm it down on searching for new and exciting races and worry more about actually jogging. But who wants to do that?

10. School Supplies. Yes, I said it. My dreams of becoming a teacher again finally make sense. It’s so I can be surrounded by pencil cases and paper clips all the time.


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