Vamos a la playa!

Oh, friends. You know when you’re ready for a vacation? It’s exactly one week before your vacation, I’ve decided. This is when you hate everyone, burst into tears for a variety of reasons, and generally have a feeling of your life sucking. Vacation time! Lucky me, I will be heading to the beach tomorrow for a week-long adventure with my entire family. Have I started packing? Hell no. But I do get to go to Whole Foods after work, so you know I’m excited about that. And after getting a pedicure last night, I feel like I’m ready for this.

Beach feet!
Beach feet!

But let’s break this down, shall we? Family vacations are amazing and all, but let’s be real. They are their own special level of torture, too. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family. Momma Veg-Head and Poppa Veg-Head are my homies, my nephews J & B are rock stars, and everyone else is super awesome. But being around your family for 7-8 days? You must be out of your mind coo coo bananas type of crazy. The last time we were all together on a vacation, we sort of stopped talking on the last day. We just couldn’t. After it was over, I needed a vacation from my family. I plan to make this vacation different, and here’s how:

1. Get plenty of “me” time. Let’s cut the BS. This means getting the hell away from my family on a slightly regular basis. I plan on doing some rocking beach yoga, going for jogs, meditating, journaling, reading, and just generally taking some time for myself. At least once a day, I will do what I want to do. This is a time for me to gather my thoughts and recharge.

2. Cooking my own food. This seems silly to even write, but this is my first vacation as a veg-head. Go vegans! I am bringing my food with me, and may pick up an item or two once we get there. Since going vegan, I have been a cooking ninja. I would say I cook most nights nowadays. And while I may stray into the junk-food vegan category on this vacation (vegan ice cream, anyone?) I am staying vegan. This means that when the rest of the family is cooking their spaghetti or their steaks, I will be cooking my own food and feeling amazing about it all. This will be a great opportunity for my family to see how I’m rolling these days, but honestly, it’s also time for myself.

This will be consumed in great quantities.
This will be consumed in great quantities.

3. Saying “No” at times. I’m learning to say “no” these days. I generally have been a people-pleaser for most of my life, with a side order of guilt when I say “no.” Thanks to a friend pointing it out (shout out to Ni!), I have been working on it. It’s starting to feel good living your life the way you want to and only being able to do so much. I can’t do it all, as much as I would like to. Eventually you have to say no, or else you will go crazy. On this vacation, I will say no to things I don’t want to do. This could potentially mean that I don’t go to the antique market with the girls, or that I don’t go to the restaurant. This is what makes you a grown person: that you choose your choice and stand by it. Boom.

4. Not getting hungover. Seriously. I am such a lightweight with booze these days that drinking two beers gets me buzzed. What’s worse than being around your family when you’re annoyed with them? Being hungover and annoyed. Enough said. Keep it cute.

Am I missing anything? No doubt, this vacation will be super duper fun and I am probably over thinking this just a tad. I am very very lucky to get to have a week-long vacation with my entire family in the first place. This vacation is well-deserved on many levels, for everyone. Maybe I should add “Be grateful” to my list.

Or maybe we should take bets on how long until I hear “But where do you get your protein?” Sigh. Baby steps.



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