10 Things I Love: Wednesday Edition

I woke up in a much better mood today, mainly because I slept with my window open and could hear the birds chirping. I love this time of year…the weather can’t decide what the hell it wants to do with itself (is the weather a woman?) and I get to reap the benefits by not sweating everywhere. I ate my strawberry/banana/blueberry raw vegan overnight oats for breakfast and I feel like I can take over the world. I mean, I can take over the world for two more days. I leave for the beach on Saturday. Instead of taking over the world while on my vacation, I will be wondering if waking up at 9 and taking a nap at noon is acceptable. Let’s get to it.

1. Growing my bangs out. For a while, I rocked a full bang like there was no tomorrow. I rocked those bangs hard. Then I realized that I didn’t want them anymore, that I hated them, and that I needed them to leave immediately. Alas, my friends, I have entered this special level of hell known as “growing my bangs out”. Bobby pins? Check. Bang braids? I gots them. Apparently, when you decide to grow your bangs out, your bang hairs actually stop growing immediately and begin to get shorter. It’s rather annoying. I’ve become envious of people that don’t have bangs, and I give a kind smile to those that push theirs back with bobby pins, too. It’s a sister hood of bang growing, and I’m getting hazed big time. So why is this number 1 on my Things I Love list? Maybe if I make it number 1, I will NEVER FORGET how horrible it was to grow them out, and I will never cut my bangs again. Not even when it’s been a year and I look back at old pictures and start asking people, “Did I look good with bangs? I feel like I’m getting bored.” NEVER AGAIN, bangs. Grow already.

Sad face.
Sad face.

2. The EWG’s Dirty Dozen List. I have become obsessed with the EWG and how awesome they are. They let us silly consumers learn how to better protect ourselves from the crazy chemicals and unpronounceable evils that lurk within arms reach. They put out the Dirty Dozen list every year, and I sadly get excited when it’s released. I try to buy organic 100% of the time, but seriously, I’m not made of money. Sometimes you just have to get the non-organic ones to save a penny. With this list, however, I know that I MUST buy organic with all of these bad boys, or the alternative is to eat a faceful of chemicals fortnightly. Keep on rocking in the free world, EWG.

So dirty.
So dirty.

3. Vegan Cuts beauty box. For $19.95 a month, you can have a box magically appear on your doorstep with fun vegan and non cruel beauty items. I have had 3 boxes delivered and I haven’t been disappointed yet. I will say, not all of the beauty products appeal to me, but I do understand that they are trying to cater to a wide variety of veg-heads. But how cool is that? How far has the veg-head movement come? I used Sevi’s eco vegan Blue Yarrow Sea Salt Texture spray on my wet hair this morning, and I’ll be damned if my hair doesn’t look like the ocean air has flown through it all day. I also sprayed myself in the face with it, which wasn’t cool, but that is neither Sevi nor Vegan Cuts’ fault. As of today, I have canceled my subscription to the beauty box. But don’t cry for me, Argentina, because I’m going to give number 4 a try.

la foto 4

4. Petit Vour box. I recently found this site and I’m super stoked. They also do a beauty box each month, except theirs is $15 (score for less money!) and it seems that the box may be more what I am looking for. I will report back once I receive my first box.

5. Angie’s Boom Chicka Pop. UGGGHHH. I didn’t need any other reasons to eat so much popcorn, but I cannot resist. I’ve been a fan of Angie’s regular popcorn for a while (it has three ingredients: kernels, oil, salt. No weird chemicals) and I have banned myself from buying it anymore. The Gluten Free & Alergen Expo made me the proud owner of several snack size bags of Angie’s other flavors. I gave the non-vegan ones to my parents, and I have gone to town on the “sweet & salty kettle corn” flavor. Let me be clear: I am a popcorn purist. I like (vegan) butter, salt, oil, and that’s it. I even like straight up cooked popcorn with NADA added. I love it. I pretty much think that if the popcorn is flavored in some way (I’m looking at you, cheddar) then it’s bad news. However. I have been mistaken. Angie’s kettle corn flavor is nothing short of miraculous. I must get those bags out of my house immediately.

6. Yoga on the beach. Do I even need to talk about why this is on my list? Exactly. I’ve found a place to do yoga while on vacation, and come Tuesday at 6:30 in the post meridian, I will find myself on the beach getting my yoga on. I might pee my pants, I’m so excited.

7. Races. I have recently gotten into jogging (soft j?) and I love it. I get cranky when I don’t jog now. I actually love the races more than anything, mainly because of the free t-shirt you get. There is such a fun community of awesome people that race and I love it so. I’m not to the point of caring about my time just yet, I think that will come next year. The next race I’m doing is on my birthday so it will be a special one. I hope for no heat stroke and simply crossing the finish line.

8. Dough Bakery. This place was created by magical fairies riding on glittery unicorns traveling upon rainbows. They are an entirely vegan joint in Atlanta that serves bakery goods, sandwiches, milkshakes, even vegan lunch meat. I KNOW. I am planning on getting my birthday cake from Dough, and I will not judge myself if I also get a cinnamon roll while I’m there. And a cookie.

9. Ni’s dog, Bea. A very special shout out to Ni’s dog, Bea. She is a beagle with a little sass and a cute butt. I call her Bea-nut, because of course. I wish she was mine, except for when she wakes Ni up early to go pee, because that’s not cool.

10. The cows I pass on the way to work every morning. They bring me joy. The baby cows hang with the momma cows, and the donkies all have cool mowhawk hairstyles, and the geese hang by the pond, and I just want to live there.

Until next time, friends…


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