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A case of the Mondays…

Are you suffering from any of the following?

  • guilt from eating fries for lunch
  • tight pants
  • frequently saying aloud, “I just really hate everyone right now”
  • welling up with tears while reading Jenny Brown’s “The Lucky Ones” while eating fries at lunch
  • constant thoughts of skipping yoga in order to lay on your sofa and eat Earth Balance’s P.B. Popps while watching Kitchen Nightmares

If you said yes to any of the above, you could be suffering from a case of the Mondays. Or PMS. If you said yes to all of the above, then you are me and I you, and the ish just got weird.

Yes, it’s one of those days for yours truly. Seriously wondering why I got out of bed when it was oh so warm and there was a kitten asleep and snoring on my chest. But really, my life is awesome, so I shouldn’t complain. I am healthy, happy, and heading to the beach on Saturday for a week-long adventure in the sun. I’ve even already found a yoga place that does yoga on the beach, cause that’s how I roll. It’s just one of those days…don’t take it personal (Aaliyah, anyone??).

Let’s talk about this past weekend, because it was one of those weekends that involved some new experiences that I am excited to share about. Part 1 of this weekend involved heading to Loganville to pick strawberries at Washington Farms. Let me tell you, this was a deal and a half. If you purchase their bucket (which I recommend), then it costs a whopping $13 to hand pick an ENTIRE GALLON of strawberries. I know, I know. It’s unreal. It was packed with people and rightfully so. This is a fun activity for kids and families, or for single veg-head ladies that love a strawberry.

Berry love.
Berry love.


strawberry 4


Strawberry fields forever...
Strawberry fields forever…

Seriously, I will be back. Count on that, Washington Farms. I was super stoked to find out that they also grow blueberries and pumpkins, so you can actually pick your own pumpkin for Halloween. And that’s when my brain exploded from the excitement of it all. Please go visit them:

For my Sunday excitement and Part 2 of this weekend’s fun, I found myself driving 45 minutes in the rain to the elusive Cobb Galleria to partake in the Gluten & Allergen Free Expo. I was dumb enough (lucky enough?) to arrive approximately 1 hour before the expo shut down. I wandered around, dumbstruck by all of the lovely people and amazing products that cater to veg-heads near and far. With the exception of a few vendors, most free samples were vegan and soon in my belly.

Kale Kale Kale!
Kale Kale Kale!

One of the first products I tried was from the New York Naturals Kale Factory ( They offer the most delicious kale chip varieties around. I almost didn’t leave the booth, and I thought about pulling up a chair. But there was so much more to see.

I will!
I will!

Everyone, by now, knows and loves the brand Enjoy Life. I had no idea they offer so many different type of products, all dairy and egg free. Some products have honey, so if you are a veg-head that says “no gracias” to the honey (like myself), read the labels carefully. Their chips, called Plentils, come in a variety of flavors and are made from lentils. They had me at YUM with their garlic and parmesean flavor. By the end of the Expo, they were practically throwing samples at people. I left with a smile when I was handed this little gem:


Have you guys seen the brand Qrunch in your grocer’s freezer? I will be hunting this bad boy down. These are quinoa-based patties that taste like heaven. The man was cooking them up on a griddle and I got to taste one straight from the heat: AMAZING.

Qrunch 2


And we all know about Earth Balance, but have you heard about P.B. Popps? It actually doesn’t make logical sense how amazing these are. I’ve been trying to make sense of it all day long, and I’m still befuddled. Please, for the love of all that is holy, don’t even buy them. You will soon feel shame when you realize you’ve eaten the whole bag.

Amazaballs. Get it?
Amazeballs. Get it?

These Way Better Snacks were to die for. I was sad that they were out of the sriracha samples (once again: don’t go to an expo an hour before it closes), but I was so happy to try their other flavors. I can see these becoming a part of my repertoire.

Way better Snacks

I had never heard of Freedom Foods, but their cereal was amazing in every way. The people were so kind with their samples and information, really taking the time to talk to people about their ingredients. I know their cereal will be coming with me to the beach and will be bought again in the future.

freedom foods

Hail Merry, you are so delicious. I almost can’t put into words how awesome their products are. I basically scarfed down the free samples and snagged a temporary tattoo (how cool is that?) and immediately wanted more. This is one company I will be buying from in the future (ahem, I may purchase from them today. MONDAYS).

hail merry

Little Me Tea was one of the last booths I went to, and I was so happy that I did. Melinda Hicks, President of Little Me Tea, used to own Big Organic Garden, the one I have raved about before. She and her husband have now given this new company a go and it is truly amazing. I brought a juice box home to my nephew, and he gulped it up quickly. With low sugar and no caffeine, this is something you can feel good about giving to your little veg-heads.  Be sure to check them out:

little me tea
Healthy Tea!

What an amazing experience it was to go to the Gluten & Allergen Free Expo. I feel better knowing that there are actual people behind these brands, and it warms my heart to know that they truly care about our health. Now, if you need me, I will be eating a gallon of strawberries and hoping for Tuesday to come early.




6 thoughts on “A case of the Mondays…”

      1. Awesome read and I hope to check out a few of these brands soon and visit Washington Farms (for you Monday playlist -let’s add a little Monica instead) 🙂 Hope your Tuesday is better because you’re a ROCK STAR and my new veg. advisor 🙂 I’m hungry now-talk me out of motivator you……fries for lunch …


      2. Haha! You’re the best, Kelly! Don’t eat fries for lunch like I did yesterday, you’ll only regret it (though they were DELICIOUS). You can do it!


  1. Glad gluten expo had vegan options because just lots of gluten free products out but contain dairy. Let me know if you go again, I would love to catch a ride Strawberry picking for$13. Can’t beat that! Seriously I want to go


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