On Going Makeup Free

I have not been blessed with the best skin. For almost my entire life, I’ve had what I like to call “troubled skin.” This skin could possibly run away from home, start stealing, and is definitely drinking from the vodka bottle and filling it back up with water. Sketchy. I’m super duper pale (or porcelain, to make myself feel better) and have freckles. I have blemishes pretty much on the reg. I realized lately that I’m about to be 32 years old, which for all intents and purposes, means I’m an adult. Why am I still getting blemishes? Is it the food I eating? Is it what I’m drinking? Is it the makeup I’m using? I decided to find out. Or, at least, do some damn good research.

We all know that I’m trying to eat less processed foods, sugar, oil, salt, and soda. You will all jump for joy when I tell you that I haven’t had soda since last weekend and I have no plans of drinking any. My brain has flipped the switch into thinking “soda = don’t need” so it’s getting easier and easier. I have my green tea in the morning and I’m good to go. On the food side, well, I’ve been doing better. I will say it’s harder to eat really well all the time when you don’t have fresh yummies lying around, so a trip to the Whole Foods is on the agenda. I generally feel like crap if I eat crap, so the transition is not terribly difficult. But a failure to plan is a plan to fail, and all that jazz. Whole Foods, I still wish I could quit you.

In addition to changing my diet some, I decided that my face needed a break. A face break. Like a time out for my face, but with less tears and no one facing the corner. Starting on Monday, I have gone makeup free all week long, and man oh man was it eye opening. I realized that I looked in the mirror less and messed with my face less without makeup. You know when you put on eye shadow, mascara, and eyeliner in the morning, then 2 hours later you check the mirror and wonder why no one told you that you looked like a crazy person? I didn’t have to deal with any adjustments as the day wore on. It was what it was. I also think I touched my face less without makeup. At first, I thought I looked sickly without makeup on my eyes in particular, like uber pale and not in a good way. But I soon realized that this is what I look like naturally, and I’m probably not used to seeing myself like this very often. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t rock a heavy style of makeup ala the rock band KISS, but I think I used a very normal amount.

I felt very self conscious on Monday about not wearing makeup and showing all of my blemishes. This is against everything I have ever done in my life, which is to hide all blemishes and to never speak of them, because that only gives them power. On Monday, I even felt the need to explain to people, “Just as an FYI, I’m not wearing makeup on purpose so that I can give my face a timeout. No spankings, though.” As the week wore on, I felt less and less self conscious. I think my face started to get a little attitude, like “Yeah, this is me. What are you gonna do about it? WHAT?” in a way that was shocking. It started to feel freeing and natural. It felt really really nice to wash my face in the morning and then continue feeling that fresh faced feeling all day long, as opposed to putting on loads of chemically makeup.

BTW, let’s take a School House Rock break to talk about that: your skin is your largest organ, so whatever you put on it goes into your body. What the hell is your makeup made from? Chemicals you can’t pronounce? Did they test your mascara on bunnies that, because they are blessed with the inability to tear up, spend their lives trapped in a box with just their heads sticking out? These bunnies have your mascara rubbed into their eyes, with all of its chemically glow, just to see how it will affect a human (ya know, cause bunnies and humans are the exact same). Check out the EWG’s Skin Deep app, which will tell you how your makeup and hygiene products rate on their toxicity level. Yay for being proactive in your life!

Will I continue going makeup free? I think that for the most part, yes I will. My skin has not magically healed itself, though putting toothpaste on my nose last night helped it a bit (Google that, homie). I still have blemishes. I still have slight under eye circles. But I’m hoping that as my diet continues to improve, I will see positive changes in my skin. I think the 3-day juice fast I have planned before my beach trip next week will help get me back on track. Maybe by starting my kickboxing classes next week, I can kick my face into high gear. More to come…until then, my face will be in time out until it can explain to me why I was mad at it to begin with.


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