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The Loving Hut: A Review

Let’s be honest, people. Us veg-heads love nothing more than going to an all vegan restaurant. Ok, maybe we love new purses more. But only a little. Going to an all vegan restaurant means that I can eat whatever I want on the menu, as opposed to having to piecemeal a dinner together with a baked potato and steamed asparagus. It also means that I can eat off of my friend’s plate, which is what happened last night. I somehow convinced my great friend Ni to head to the Loving Hut to eat and gab. A true friend, she was up for the vegan challenge. I was all set to try some new dishes, as I perused the menu in advance. Side note: does anyone else do this? I love to look at menus online before I go somewhere. Maybe it helps to take the anxiety out of “What the hell am I going to eat at this steak house?” When I got to the Loving Hut, however, I got the EXACT same meal as I always get. Sigh. Next time I’ll try something new. Maybe.

Wonton Soup. YUM.
Wonton Soup. YUM.

It started with the wonton soup. When I ate meat, I loved a wonton soup. You know the kind you get from a Chinese restaurant? The kind with delicious hand rolled little dumplings swimming in a yummy broth with fresh veggies? The wonton soup at the Loving Hut will kick that other soup’s stupid arse all day long. It is so fresh, with a slight sesame oil flavor. The freshest veggies meet the delicious dumplings in a soup made by angels. Try and not tip the bowl to your lips and drink all of the broth. I would have, had Ni not been with me.

Cha Cha Cha!
Cha Cha Cha!

I ordered the Cha Cha Cha appetizer for Ni and I. Again, this is something I always order. The menu describes these little gems as “seasoned vegan crescents with lettuce in sweet and sour sauce.” All I know is, this is the vegan equivalent of fried shrimp. This southern girl gets oh so very excited at the opportunity to relive my naughty fried food days. Fried shrimp? That was a food group at one point. These Cha Cha Cha nuggets of deliciousness taste like crunchy bits of heaven. When (not if) you go to the Loving Hut, please get these. I will also be there, eating this exact same meal.

Pad Thai up in here.
Pad Thai up in here.

For my entree, I got the Pad Thai. I love Thai food, and to be honest I miss eating Pad Thai sometimes. A girl can only eat so much curry before she needs a noodle. The Pad Thai here is delicious, with loads of veggies and tofu in a HUGE helping. I mean huge. I ate a really large portion of it then took the rest home for lunch today.

Roll it up!
Roll it up!

My friend Ni got the Loving Hut Roll, which is “zucchini and carrots rolled in crispy bean curd wrap in brown sauce with side salad.” I was really proud of Ni for trying something so adventurous. I mean, for a carnivore, crispy bean curd is right up there with tempeh tacos or cauliflower pizza. She’s a trooper, though, and she loved the Loving Hut Roll.

There's an "L", for Loving Hut! Adorable.
There’s an “L”, for Loving Hut!

The Loving Hut is a full service restaurant, offering vegan cakes, cookies, teas, and even vegan foods to bring home. Vegan shrimp, anyone? Ni and I decided to split a slice of the chocolate cake which was DELICIOUS. We each got a slice of different cake to take home. I let my mom have approximately 3 bites of my coconut cake before I snapped the lid closed, and I ate the leftover cake after my Pad Thai today. IT WAS MINE, after all.

Coconut Cake
Coconut Cake

Yes, I’m reading Jenny Brown’s book “Lucky Ones.” I almost cried over my coconut cake today. Please visit the Loving Hut for delicious vegan yumminess. They have them all over! Check their website to see if there’s a Loving Hut near you.Β And good news for yours truly: they also have one in Madrid, where I will be in October with Miss J$. Now if I could only convince Miss J$ to try vegan food in Spain…


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