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Mother’s Day 2014

And a very happy (cough cough…late) Mother’s Day to all of the mommas out there! I love Mother’s Day. I honestly feel like it should be celebrated more than once a year. Like, Mother’s Day Round 1 and Mother’s Day Round 2. They deserve it. My mom is my hero, and while we are VERY different (she’s a carnivore with no tattoos and got married at 20 years of age), there is love in that. Momma Veg-Head had a very nice day yesterday. Breakfast was made for her by Poppa Veg-Head, to include bacon, biscuits, and cheese danish (this is how my parents roll, btw). While they ate, I boogied to Stone Mountain for my weekly hike up. I was able to shave 10 minutes off of my time from last week (progress, not perfections!) and enjoyed sitting at the top in a cloud.

Cloud time!
Cloud time!

For brunch, we all met at “the club”, which is Poppa Veg-Head’s golf club. It was buffet style, and it was deadly. I was lucky to actually find some goodies I could eat: salad with balsamic, fruit, grilled asparagus, brown rice, squash and tomatoes, and breakfast potatoes. Because what’s a brunch without potatoes? Exactly. Not one I’d like to go to. Β The nephews and my sister-in-law were all there, so it was a very nice time. We took some awesome “my family rocks” kind of pictures.


Mom and Daughter Veg-Heads
Mom and Daughter Veg-Heads

When did my nephews become so awesome? On the way to The Club, the nephews and I were talking about what they wanted to be when they grew up. My youngest nephew B, who just turned 5, said he wanted to be a train conductor. No surprise there, as this kid lives and breathes trains. It’s a sickness. My oldest nephew J, who is recently 7 years old, said he wanted to be a professional baseball player, a professional golfer, and run a Lego store. Who are these kids? I love ’em. I told J that in order for him to achieve all of these goals he had to practice really hard, and he would also have to study really hard in school. When did I become Old? Oh, here’s when: B said “I know what you’re going to be when you grow up…” to which J butted in, “She’s already grown up.” Cue the tears and violins. Heart broken. If anyone is interested, B said I was going to be a farmer. Happy again.

Momma love.
Momma love. (farm sanctuary)

Yesterday, I couldn’t help but think about animals all day. This is not different than any other day, to be sure. But I thought about the mommas. We passed a farm on our way to The Club, and I wished the momma cows a very Happy Mother’s Day. It made me sad to think about all of the animal moms around the world that have their babies ripped away from them, and how utterly broken they must feel. To think about losing my fur baby, the LunaBearLove, brings a tear to my eye. I strongly applaud anyone who is against cruelty to dogs and cats, and people try their hardest to stop animal cruelty to those “pets.” But one of the main differences between a pig and a dog is their species. That’s it. In fact, a pig is smarter than your dog. Boom. Sorry, Spot. The truth hurts. If people could start seeing farm animals as “someone” instead of “something”, what a world of difference it would make. And what a difference to animal moms everywhere.

What have we learned? Moms rock. Nephews are the best. Grilled asparagus is AMAZING. Sitting in a cloud is not just for the birds. Until next time…have you kissed a cow today?

Besos! (farm sanctuary)
Besos! (farm sanctuary)



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