Book Love

Mayim Bialik’s “Vegan Table”

This is the newest book that I’m currently obsessed with. Am I the only one that, when you decided to go all veg-head and crazy, you bought approximately 80 thousand vegan books? I can’t be the only one, right? I am still sifting through cook books, printing off recipes daily (free printing at work FTW), and trying new ones out. It would seem like an overwhelming task, but those that know me know I’m up for a challenge. They also know that I don’t have much else going on. I digress.

Mayim’s book is cowritten with Dr. Jay Gordon, a pediatrician. While the book is aimed mostly at veg-heads that have children, veg-heads without munchkins can also love this tome. Her french toast will be made and eaten by yours truly this Saturday, and I’ve been looking forward to it all week long. The book offers some great advice for new veg-heads about stocking your pantry, information about substitutions for meats/dairy, and essential vitamins and the like. I find the “voice” of the book to be warm, as if Mayim herself were telling you “We don’t eat much processed foods in our home, but I love a white pasta Mac ‘n Cheeze just like the rest of ’em!” Apparently the Mayim in my head has a southern accent and uses chewing tobacco. A disgusting habit, Mayim.

I do wish there were more pictures. (Yes, I’m a small child and like books with pictures. Sue me.) There’s a section in the middle that has certain recipes and their delightful pictures, but sometimes I like to make sure that my recipe looks like it does in the book; which it never does, but still. Safety blanket, and whatnot.

Many many recipes will be made from this book, as opposed to other veg-head cookbooks that give recipes for 5-star dishes that no one in their right mind would make at home. I have a feeling that this book will doggy-eared and spattered with love in no time at all.


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