I’m here!

Here I go, writing into the endless void of the interwebs. The reasons I wanted to start a blog are many. I love a blog; I love getting those emails everyday that promise something snarky or fun or delicious to read about. Reading what others write always made me think: could I do that? Would anyone read? Who am I talking to?

I’m venturing out into the lovely and green land of the Vegan, and it’s been a fun and exciting ride thus far. I want to share with other veg-heads and abide by all things veg. This is a big ol’ world out there…surely there must be other vegans that enjoy to eat only popcorn for dinner sometimes (fine, fine…once a week).

You probably won’t find new recipes here, unless the ones I try you also have never tried before, then…bonus! It’s new to you. Score one for you.

You may read about how much reality TV I watch, and how I get so angry when seeing those “Happy Cows” antiquated farm commercials. I mean, who the hell are they kidding? I actually yell “UGGGHHHHH” out loud when I see those. Shit, where did that soapbox come from?

At the very least, I’d love to connect with some other veg-heads and discuss life as a Vegan. It’s a strange and magical place. I am having a blast wading through this world!


2 thoughts on “I’m here!”

  1. So glad you are here! And yes, I do occasionally eat popcorn for dinner. Drizzled with melted Earth Balance, tamari, and dusted with lots and lots and lots of nutritional yeast πŸ˜€


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